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The Renovation Process

A typical renovation follows:

1. Design & Plans
2. Demolition/site prep
3. Framing of floors, walls & ceilings
4. Roofing
5. Plumbing ‘rough-in’
6. Electrical ‘rough-in’
7. Heating & cooling ‘rough-in’
8. Insulation
9. Drywall, plaster repair & painting
10. Flooring
11. Moulding, doors, woodwork & built-ins
12. Electrical fixture installation
13. Plumbing fixture installation
14. HVAC fixture installation
15. Finishing

Each step and the finished product relies on the first step. Nothing replaces planning upfront, whether it’s the size of a new wall, doorway, bathtub, light fixture, floor tile, closet shelf and on and on.

Depending on the area and scope of your project, we may use architects, engineers, cabinet design and/or fixture sales companies.

Our Architect: David W. Feldman, R.A. - www.right-sized-homes.com