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Caleb Schodt did excellent work on the outside of our house last summer. It was a relatively small job involving repair to exterior wood siding, replacement of rotted boards and a door sill and painting. Smaller jobs are sometimes the most difficult to get done period, much less well. Always a pleasure to interact with Caleb and his crew. Thanks.

Grant Calder


My wife and I had just moved into a fixer upper and were about two months behind schedule. Our previous contractor had made a lot of broken promises. My wife and I were desperate to get our house in a livable condition, but were nervous about hiring someone else after what had happened. Fortunately, I looked out my window and saw a contracting company working on my neighbors house. I went across the street and talked with Caleb Schodt and asked him to give my house a walkthrough and give me an estimate. I was very satisfied with the estimate and even more please with the work they did. They finished the job quickly and made sure everything looked good. I recommend them to all my friends and use them for any job I have.

Mike Roth, 6335 McCallum St.


For years my husband and I bickered over the bicycles stored under our living room staircase, hidden by a clumsy screen that doubled as a makeshift coat rack. Caleb Schodt designed a beautiful closet that enclosed the space, complete with a clever "dutch" door that made it possible to store the bikes, and hang up the coats, hats and bike helmets. Caleb also managed to mimic the wood trim in our West Philly Victorian so that the closet feels like it was always there, creating a truly attractive asset that meets both storage and recreation needs. Well done!

Cindy Roberts, University City


I would recommend Caleb Schodt in a heartbeat. He's trustworthy, prompt, and conscientious. His prices are reasonable and his estimates have always been dead-on.

He's done jobs of various sizes for us over the past five years: remodeling our kitchen, removing an old deck and concrete pad at the back of the house and building new exterior stairs, and
installing a custom-fit kitchen door (none of our walls arestraight---joys of an older house!), as well as miscellaneous roofing and handyman-type work.

On the rare occasion that a problem arose in the course of a project, he let us know the full scoop right away and offered good alternatives. For example, during the kitchen remodel, the countertop we requested turned out to be unavailable. The very day he found out, Caleb picked up color chips of other possibilities for us to look at and, based on our decision, placed the order for the new one.

I will say too that I first found Caleb through Tague Lumber in Germantown, who recommended him to me because he always pays his bills on time. :)

Happy to provide more detail if you like, but again, he has my complete confidence.

Gretchen Dykstra, Philadelphia


Caleb Schodt helped bring our front porch back to life. They were able to do the structural and cosmetic work required to allow us to safety enjoy it. They re-built a support pillar: built a new staircase; leveled the deck and replaced rotted wood in the style of the original architectural details. We had Caleb back for numerous kitchen, bathroom and other interior improvements.

Every construction project presents challenges and requires thoughtful solutions. We have dealt with many contractors over the years and most are not up to the task. Caleb was easy to work with and always helped us make the best decisions. We would recommend Caleb for his quality work, thoughtful crew and fair prices.

Jim Bear. Germantown


Several years ago we moved into an historic Germantown twin, built in 1872. We have used Caleb Schodt for a whole host of major and minor repairs and renovations. All of their work has been of the highest quality, and we would recommend them with the utmost enthusiasm.

Caleb and his crew have waterproofed and restored all the walls of our basement, replaced all the houses' windows with beautiful, aesthetically appropriate, and energy-efficient ones, and most recently built a wonderful breakfast room/laundry room addition onto the back of our house. We have used them for smaller project as well, such as stabilizing our front porch, renovating two bathrooms, adding insulation above our third floor ceilings, and replacing our unsightly linoleum kitchen floor with beautiful ceramic tile.

Caleb always provided us with detailed cost estimates for all work that were incredibly accurate. If the estimate needed to be revised, Caleb was always willing to work with us to accommodate our budget and our needs. He and his crew arrived when expected, worked diligently, were extremely accommodating to our lives when we were home, and were incredibly responsible with and respectful to our home.

Caleb Schodt will remain at the top of our list when we gear up for our next project. He and his crew have proven themselves to be expert craftsmen who care for our home just as much as we do.

Al Vernacchio and Michael Sheadel


I had eight windows replaced by Caleb Schodt and I must say they are the only windows in my house that work properly, up and down with one hand easily! Caleb has also fixed two other windows that were leaking, and they haven't leaked since. He put a patch on my front roof around another chronic leaky window, and it's been dry as a bone. And he just finished a floor patch in my kitchen so I could put a washing machine in there. I am so grateful to have found such a reliable, courteous, fair-minded contractor, that I recommend Caleb without reservation for whatever ails your house!

Lynne Watson